Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snowmen and Snowball Wall-hanging

Christmas is officially over at our house. We dismantled Christmas today. This is the earliest I've ever taken down the tree but we both thought it was time to do so. It was such a boring Christmas with just Joe and I here and him sick. We finally got together with his sister yesterday to exchange gifts but there won't be a get-together with my girls and their families for a couple of weeks yet. So, Christmas is over here but will be extended at the same time. Odd year for sure.

Today I'm posting a wall-hanging I made using a pattern by Debbie Mumm. Once it was made I decided it was really too busy for me and I wasn't that fond of it. So, I just hung it up for a picture and then donated it to the Rotary for their silent auction. No idea what they got for it but hopefully someone liked it enough to buy it.

I took this picture before I had a digital camera and its a little blurry but its long gone so I cannot take another picture of it. Its just not my style - that's what happens when I actually follow a pattern instead of doing my own thing.

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