Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday was a very busy day - and luckily I was having a good day. The cantata at the church was awesome and after church we had lunch out which is starting to be a tradition. The church was decorated for Christmas, of course, but it also had all the poinsettias that had been donated in memory of someone and they were all over the front of the church - beautiful. After the service those of us on the pastoral care team went up to pick up the poinsettias that we were to take to the shut-ins we visit. I had to get nine of them...the most of any of the team..but I came prepared. I had three over-sized bags and three fit into each one. So, after lunch I went down to the nursing home and made the deliveries and had a visit with the ones that were there. Its amazing how a pot of flowers and a short visit can cheer up a lonely sole.

Home again and I started to address my Christmas cards. Wow, I made way too many but I have a good start on next year's cards! But, as I went thru the stack I could not find the one I made for my oldest daughter and her husband...it was the gnome card. Hhhmmm must have sold it. So, I had to make another one and I like this one better anyway. I bought this small gnome stamp from Paper Wishes - love their tiny stamps and they are only .99 each and actually there are three or four tinier stamps that come with each one. Can't go wrong with that.

Now the way I know they like gnomes is because when the gnome movie came out last spring my daughter made 14 gnome hats for themselves and their friends and all the kids and they all went to the movie wearing these tall gnome hats. My son-in-law is about 6'3" and he said it was funny to watch people sneaking peaks at them and wondering if the giant gnome and his companions were going to wear the tall hats all thru the movie (and no one was brave enough to ask the giant gnome) - they didn't. They all removed them as soon as the movie started and I'm sure there was an a loud whoosh heard as everyone let their breath out. The other funny thing is that a week after wearing a gnome hat to the movies my daughter had to fly to New York to the United Nations to sit on talks about woman rights around the world - talk about a well-rounded person!

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is the latest Christmas Gnome card.

It was hard to get a good picture of this card because I used a shiny background paper to stamp the image on and the camera's flash left such a glare I had to turn the flash off so now its a little dark. Its nicer in person but you will have to take my word for it. I just coloured the gnomes with TomBow markers and added green stickles and gems to the hats and white stickles to the beards. The striped paper also came from Paper Wishes. No idea where the ribbon came from though. I die cut the Spellbinder Fancy tag out of the same cardstock I made the card from and stamped the sentiment on the same shiny paper as the stamped image and cut it to fit the tag. The snowflake was also punched from the same cardstock and was added with pop dots. Hope they like it!

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