Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Santa Wooden Book

Before I ramble on about today's post, I have to clear up something about yesterday's post - the Christmas Gnome card. The stamp is just one little gnome and I simply stamped extras on paper and masked off each one as I stamped it on my card to make a little group of gnomes. I realized late last night, out of the blue, that I had forgotten to mention that.

OK, on with today's post. Last weekend I posted some Christmas card holder boxes that I bought at the dollar store and painted. Well, I got that idea from a wooden book that I painted at Shelley's Painted Treasures about 13 years ago. This one is heavy wood and well made. I only took a few tole painting lessons, first at a private house and then at Shelley's (who is now in Dresden if you are local and want painted gifts or lessons or supplies).  One of my sons-in-law saw it and really wanted one but by then the boxes were all sold out so I forgot about it for a few years until Dollarama opened up and had ones that would work.

This is my book box.
 It is quite deep, is sturdy, has hinges and carved out in the inside to hold cards - no comparison in value to the ones at the dollar store of course. Keep in mind that this was back when I first started painting. I could probably do a better job now. I had only been painting for a few years before I was struck with the two brain disorders and I didn't paint much for a few years after my brain surgery because the surgery messed up my eyesight. I went about 3 years not being able to read a book - missed that terribly. But when the opthamologist gave me prism glasses, I could read and paint again. However, by the time I got my prism glasses I was learning to quilt so I still didn't paint much. Now, I'm back into it and loving it again. When we get up in the morning, hubby will look over at me and say "which studio are you going to today?" So many hobbies, so little time!

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