Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clown Card

Well, the excitement of seeing the grey owl is winding down. It was hard to pick just a few pictures of him to post here but I didn't want to bore with you with any more of them. What a magnificent creature. I have him on the camcorder too but I need to learn how to edit videos before I can post it - Joe was in charge of the camcorder and at one point I looked over and said "You are video taping the pavement"! Yeah, not a camera guy at all. We also went to Point Pelee on Tuesday when we were waiting (hoping) for the owl to reappear to try to find the snowy owls but they were not to be found. Then, last night Joe noticed on the weather network someone posted a picture of them from Erieau - no wonder we couldn't find them at Point Pelee. I can sense another birding venture on the horizon!!!

But, back to posting cards. I'm in a happy frame of mind today so I can post the clown card. I picked up this stamp set from Recollections for $5 from a guy who used to own a craft store in London but closed it up and was selling off his stock. I bought several Tim Holtz stamp sets for $5 too. However this set was a challenge to use. There are 3 different faces, different bodies and feet, arms etc. I tried to arrange them on a large acrylic stamp block but it didn't stamp properly at all - too much space between them. Luckily I always stamp on a piece of scrap paper first to test out the ink - I just use any old paper for this and they go into the recycle bin when filled up. After a few other experiments I got out my handy dandy Stamp-a-ma-Jig and stamped each piece to get perfect placement. This was the result.

Stamped it with black ink and coloured it with Tombow markers. After it was done I realized there was no body under the vest and it looked odd so I drew in a body. Still not my favorite stamp set but I think I'll keep playing with it. I think it makes a great birthday card for a child though.

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