Monday, January 30, 2012

Computer will be fixed soon

Hello everyone. What a lonnnnng week this has been without my computer. I have a temporary hard drive in now so I can at least browse the Internet and check out my favorite blogs but I don't have any of my personal info on this hard drive so I don't have anything to post  - yet! I should have my computer back and running faster then ever with even more memory within the next few days!!!

Thankfully I did buy an external hard drive last fall and I have everything except the last week's entries transferred over so I should be able to recover almost all my files. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you - get an external hard drive and back up your computer! The cost is minimal compared to the heartbreak of losing all your family photos and other important documents.

I have been quilting, scrapbooking and card making this week so I will have lots to share!


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