Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Broken computer

Our computer finally quit working completely on the weekend. Hopefully it will be repairable but we are still waiting to hear. I am posting this on our laptop which my husband uses about 98% of the time so I have none of my personal information, including pictures of my cards, etc., on it which means I cannot post anything. I am so lost without my computer...chained to technology is what I am.

I was using Photoshop to touch up some pictures that I took of our family get-together for Christmas, which was  a tad late, when the computer died. I have one daughter who does not like to smile in pictures so I told her I was going to give her a smile using Photoshop if she didn't smile - and she still didn't smile - brat! We did have a good time together- 10 adults, 4 excited rambunctious little boys and 4 large dogs all in a 3 bed room bungalow - utter chaos - and I loved every moment of it.

So, please, enjoy some "older posts" while I wait for the computer to be fixed or replaced.


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