Monday, April 9, 2012

Art Journal Monday - Fashion? NOT

What a beautiful day Easter Sunday was. We attended church, as usual, and I have to tell you about it. We attend First Presbyterian Church in Chatham - I highly recommend it if you are looking for a home church - and our minister, Mike, always asks the parishioners to get up and walk around and greet people, especially people they don't know, before the service starts. Yesterday I was having a few issues with my speech from the brain disorders I have. Some days if a word ends in "er" I replace that with an "o" and for other words I add many extra syllables, eg. 'Good Morning" always comes out as "Good Mornincapa". So, we were sitting in church and I leaned over and I said to hubby, "When Mike asks us to walk around and greet people. Which is better "Good Mornincapa" or "Happy Easto?"
 He groaned and slumped in the pew. After thinking about it for a minute he asks, "Can you say "hello" properly?"
 Yup, that I can do so that is what I did.  Funny! I do have to be careful around people who are not with me a lot or I get some very funny reactions!

So today I'm posting another Art Journal Page as inspired by Stampin' Bella. This week were were to produce a page with collage about fashion and what clothes we like to wear. Hah! Fashion - if it's comfortable I'll wear it. I don't own a dress or a skirt and have no intention of buying one. So, here's my page.

Yup, a pile of sweatshirts and slacks. That's my wardrobe. When we attend church or a meeting, its a nicer pair of slacks and a newer sweater or blouse.
My sweatshirts aren't all as bright as these ones, but you get the idea...and yes, they pretty much were all bought on sale. I seldom pay full price for anything.

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