Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Blue Butterfly Card

Yesterday my sister-in-law was discharged from the hospital. We sure hope she continues to improve at home.

Joe and I decided to make another trip to Point Pelee because its suppose to rain the rest of the week. It was a bit cold and I sure couldn't go near the lake side of the park (cold wind on my face sets off the trigeminal neuralgia spasms) but other then that, we had a great hike.  Didn't see any new birds until the very last though. Joe wanted to get home by supper time so he could watch the Detroit Red Wings (I root for Toronto Maple Leafs but they aren't in the playoffs and we won't go there!) but we decided we had time for one more trail. There were not that many people in the park but we met a man coming the opposite direction and he stopped to say hello - birders are the friendliest people - and as we chit chatted about birds and the weather I gasped out "Scarlet Tanager" (Joe's favorite bird). Well, it turns out it was actually an even rarer bird, the Summer Tanager! Wow. So beautiful! ...and of course, all the pictures I took turned out fussy. Unbelievable. My camera just has a mind of its own. Oh well, we got to see it clearly enough and that made our day!

The only other funny thing that happened is how Joe describes where he sees a bird. Now remember, we are in a forested park and this is how our conversations go.
Him - There's a bird!
Me- Where?
Him - In that tree!
Me - What tree (as I'm looking all around)
Him - That tree!
Me - OK, we are in a forest. There are about 20 trees just ahead. Could you narrow it down some.
Him - Its the tree I'm pointing at.

Hoo boy! Every spring for the first few outings this is the normal conversation. Then he remembers to actually describe the tree in words, instead of pointing to it. Funny.

We also saw about a hundred Red Admiral butterflies. Man, they were all over us. I did get a picture of one of them.

And, speaking of butterflies, here is a butterfly card I made.

I really liked this background paper. It came as a 12x12 sheet and I cut it down to fit my card. I found two pieces of blue in my stash and ran them thru the Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dot folder and adhered them. Then I tapped on a couple different colours of ink onto the stamp and stamped it on white cardstock and cut it out leaving a white edge. Its popped up on the blue paper with pop dots for some dimension. Then I added some crystals here and there - gotta have some bling. A quick card but quite pretty.

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