Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Brrrrrrr.....Cold Christmas Parade"

We have a groundhog in our backyard! Always something to aggravate me! A couple streets over from us is a corn field - yes, a corn field. We live near the edge of the city but after the cornfield is more houses and a very main and busy street. As a result of this cornfield we have skunks, rabbits and raccoons that make frequent visits around the neighbourhood...and one garter snake. But the others do not bother me very much, but the groundhog, he does.  I'm sure, it took one look around my garden and said "Ahhh, smorgasbord"! He digs under the fence, munches away, and leaves again. Joe asked me how to get rid of them and I told him how my brothers got rid of them on the farm but I think that is illegal in the city! My neighbour has a live trap so maybe we can trap it and let it go a few miles from here. Bother!

Anyway, back to the post. The weather has turned darn right chilly today so I thought I'd post a Christmas Layout.

This two page layout has a lot of pictures on it - which is pretty much my style. I have way too many pictures to do the one picture per page like some people do. I used the red in my and Jack's coat and the blue in Seth and Grampa's coat as the colour theme. Here are the close-up pages.

I like to ink the edges of my pictures in black ink. I lay a old greeting card down close to the edge (1/16" away) and pull a thick black pen along it. Do not try this without the greeting card or some other straight edge cardstock because when (not if, but when) your pen slips you will have a permanent black line across your photo - no need to wonder how I know this!!!

The background paper is from a paper pack that is a couple years old so probably no longer available. The letters that spell cold started out as silver so I pounced some blue alcohol ink on them to make them appear cold looking and then placed them between the strip that said brrr. over and over.

Next page:

These photos are not that clear because it was dark and my camera was not liking it one bit! I placed a red strip across the middle of page, then placed a chipboard arrow that I painted red and then added white dots and lines to point up to the picture of Santa. The word "Santa" was die cut using a Cuttlebug alphabet set. The "Waiting for" was from a small booklet of letters that I picked up at the dollar store - and I saw the same book there the other day so they are still available. I added some die cut snowflakes here and there on both pages as well - this keeps the eye moving throughout the pages. I like to print off my journal notes most of the time. For this one, I took a piece of off-white light weight cardstock and stamped snowflakes on it in "cream" ink so it looked like a watermark and then ran it thru my printer.

OK, post is done. Time to hit the garden and do some dead-heading and clean-up.

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