Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"WISH" card

I don't think I slept more then a couple of hours last night! particular reason, just could not fall to sleep. So, I needed a little something to brighten my day today and lo and behold it came in the mail....a sweet Mother's Day card created by my 2 year old grandson. His mom could not believe it didn't come on time because she certainly mailed it early enough but he got a little carried away with the foam stickers and I guess it was bulky enough to get caught in the processing machine. However, only the envelope was mangled, the card was fine. So cute! Grandchildren certainly brighten the day!

Yesterday was such a busy day it was 10:45 p.m. before I realized that I had not posted anything! Although hubby does about 85% of the housework (I do 100% of the cooking) I do help with some dusting and cleaning the bathrooms. Yesterday morning was housework day - yuck!  After lunch I hit the sewing room to try to finish a quilt I had started - didn't get it done but got a lot accomplished. It turns out my tennis elbow doesn't hurt me as long as I don't use it! Bother! Luckily I am quite a bit ambidextrous and I use my left hand a lot, but definitely not for everything. I have turned my ironing board around and I have to press with my left arm - awkward, but do-able. It's the cutting of fabric with the rotary cutter that my tennis elbow HATES! It now aching again but no use going back to physio - yet. I have switched the blade on the cutter to the left side and I'm going to be more left-handed then ever! Thank goodness for the Klutz gloves from Fons and Porter!

Because of the rain and potential rain on the weekend, I did get to spend a little time in the lower studio (aka the basement - in case you are new to my post) and whipped up a few cards. This was one of them.

First I sponged Broken China Distress Ink on the top of the piece of water colour paper, Peeled Paint on the bottom bit. Then I stamped the image (Hot off the Press - .99) with Archival Ink. All the little bits of fluff, the tiny little butterflies and the word "Wish" all come with the .99 stamp set - incredible value. I coloured in the leaves with a green Tombow marker and the flower part with a yellow marker. Then I sponged more Broken China around the edges to define it a little more. I mounted it on brown, then on a piece of multicoloured paper. The blue/brown strip along the bottom was a left over piece from a package of sticky lace from the dollar store and it just happened to match Broken China Ink perfectly. The bluish card base is also from a card pack from the dollar store.

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