Thursday, May 10, 2012

"First Christmas" Scrapbook Layout

The weather in Ontario is so odd this year. One day hot, then cold, then hot again, then throw in a thunderstorm and pouring rain, then hot again. I never know how to dress in the morning if I'm out all day....we pretty much have to dress in layers or dress lightly and bring coats with us. Very odd weather.

Yesterday I posted the Meeting Santa scrapbook page so today I thought I'd post the page next to it. Even though it is not really a two-page layout, I do like the pages to at least not clash. Here's the next page.

Sometimes I mount the photos on contrasting or white paper but sometimes I just ink the edges of each picture with a black pen to separate them... sometimes I do both. Here's the trick to inking the edges. Lay the photo on scrap paper. Take an old greeting card or piece of scrap cardstock with a straight edge and lay it against the photo with only about 1/8" of the edge showing. Start off the edge of the photo and drag your pen along the edge. Repeat for all four edges. Do NOT try this without the cardstock covering the photo. If you are running the pen along the edge and miss, your hand will automatically go across the photo and you cannot remove a large black ink line on a photo - you don't have to ask how I know this!! Notice how the baby is looking down in the one large photo - there is a reason I placed that photo there. See the two pages side by side for the answer.

See what I mean - Now it looks like he is actually looking at something on the opposite page. I try to always have the people looking toward the centre of the page and not off the sides. Sometimes it just can't be helped but it's best to try.

The large alphabet letters, "FINN", were originally tan with black swirls I think. I just inked them with Distress Ink - Broken China and Fired Brick so they matched the page. I do this all the time with either distress ink or alcohol ink. Both work fine.

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