Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Meeting Santa" Scrapbook Layout

We are taking the day off from bird watching today. You can only tramp thru trails for so many days before your body says "Give me a rest already" we are listening to our bodies. Besides, once in awhile we have to get groceries and cut the grass!

I thought I'd shake things up a bit today and post a scrapbook layout.

I thought I'd really shake things up by posting a Christmas Layout! Hey, I'm behind in my scrapbooking too so I'm playing catch up. This is my adorable youngest grandson, Finn, meeting Santa for the first time. My daughter's veterinarian dresses up like Santa every year and people can bring their children and/or their pets for a picture with him for a donation to a worthy cause. Nice guy or what! Janette said it took several shots to get the one with Finn and the dogs as the dogs were pretty excited with all the other animals there waiting their turn.

These two beloved black labs were rescued when abandoned during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. They, and several other dogs, were brought up to Canada when the owners could not be found. These two had to be adopted together as they wouldn't eat if separated. No one stepped up to take them and even though Janette and Ross already had one black lab, Othello, they adopted them. Unfortunately Othello died a few months later...but at least Finn has these two - and he loves them.

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Borqna said...

BRAVO! Great idea!
Good luck!

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