Monday, May 28, 2012

Winter Wall-Hanging

I haven't posted a quilt for awhile so I thought today would be a good day to post one. I chose a winter wall-hanging I made several years ago when I first started quilting. It's OK, you can laugh when you see it. I do. I found a pattern that I thought was a wall-hanging only to find out when I opened it up that it was for a queen size quilt. I had just started quilting and there was no way I was making a queen size quilt so I reduced the pattern pieces and designed my own wall-hanging (no one told me new quilters weren't not suppose to design their own quilts - LOL). I love to look back at my first attempts at me encouragement to continue because I can now easily see all the mistakes that I used to make and how much I've improved. Get ready for a laugh, here it is:
My records indicate I made this in 2004. Yup, 7 years ago would be when I first got into some serious quilting. Some of this wall-hanging is OK - the appliqued pieces are not bad but oh those four patches - they are just a little wonky!....and why did I put a square in the middle of the two rows that was the same as the background??? I still hang this up in January. It is NOT Christmas, it's winter. I have to keep explaining this to guests who wonder why I still have a Christmas wall-hanging up in January. I'm thinking its time I made a new winter wall-hanging that has no red or green on it at all.

Just to prove to you, and to me, that I've improved here's a quilt I posted awhile back.

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