Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photo Collage

Yesterday was the perfect day for a bike ride - hot but not humid and a cool wind off the lake. Joe suggested I call sister Bette to see if she wanted to join us for a BBQ lunch first, and she did, so that was nice. After our BBQ lunch Joe and I did almost 29 km on the bikes. Tired, but a good day. We were hoping to repeat that today but they are calling for 80% chance of a thunderstorm today. Not a good idea to be out in the middle of a forest in a thunderstorm.

I thought today I would post the photo collage I made for my sister Bette who was nominated for the Seniors Achievement in Excellence Award. She is not a scrapbooker and I didn't want the photos I took to be put in a box so I did a collage for her. She can put it in a frame or in an album but at least the photos are all together and the event documented. Here it is.

I used a photo collage template from Scrapbook Etc. Magazine's website (sad they are going out of business. I really liked that magazine). She was moving so fast down the line I couldn't get a picture of her with every dignitary there. I missed her with the mayor completely. So, after all the awards were given out I told her I was going to go quick and get the mayor's attention and she was to follow so I could get her picture with him. I was hoping he was leaving and going towards us but instead he headed the other way. Drat! {Turns out he was heading over to help dish out lunch - pulled pork on a bun - yuck. (Seeing I'm a vegetarian and Bette didn't like the smell of it either, we opted to go to a restaurant for lunch.)} 

Anyway, I saw him head off the other way and I was off to the races. I can move fast when I have to. I was weaving thru the crowd saying "excuse me, excuse me" over and over. I got to about 10 feet of him and yelled "Randy" (his first name). Naturally he stopped and luckily I didn't plow into him. I explained that my sister was one of the award winners but I was not able to get a picture of her with him and would he mind if I took one. Bette doesn't run or walk fast but she showed up about this time. I thought he would just stand there long enough for a quick picture but instead he suggested she get her awards out and helped her sort them and arrange them nicely and then I took a couple of pictures. I always like to take at least two in case someone blinks or frowns,etc. He was very gracious and that was nice of him.

The lady hugging her is the minister of the church she attends. Bette didn't know she was going to be there, let alone be one of the dignitaries giving the benediction. Nice surprise.

I like using these templates at times but the trouble is I have my camera set for the best quality and I cannot get them printed at the stores (like Wal-Mart or SuperStore) because they crop them off. That means I have to print them off at home which is too expensive to do all the time. When I do use templates and print them off, I then scrap them the traditional way because I still like playing with paper!...and I have a lot of it to play with!!!

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