Monday, June 18, 2012

There's One in every Family - Art Journal Page

We just got back from our one hour morning walk - a very hot one hour walk! It's already over 30C (about 87F) at 10:00 a.m. Gonna a be a hot one this afternoon and that means about a 60% chance of another thunderstorm. Thank goodness we put in A/C about 10 years ago. We had no intention of doing so but about every 2 years we would have our furnace cleaned. Sears called to do a free clean-up (they then try to get you to sign up to have the ducts cleaned) but the technician looked into the furnace and said "I have to shut down your furnace for good and I'm calling Union Gas to report it". "What? Why"?  "Because you have a crack in the furnace and it cannot be repaired. You need a new furnace". Sears did not sell them so we knew it was for real and he didn't even try to sell us on getting the vents cleaned. So, we decided if we were replacing the furnace we may as well install A/C at the same time - thank goodness! As with most things that happen in life - a little rain and then a rainbow!

Last week I didn't post an Art Journal page because I didn't think Emily at Stampin' Bella had given us the theme for the week. Turns out she added it to an existing post instead of posting a new one. Only one person responded so I wasn't the only one that missed it. This week's page was to use one of Stampin' Bella stamps. I don't have any of the mixed media ones she sells but I do have these Eclectic Bird stamps so I used them. I was thinking of my brother Lloyd that day who crossed over to the other side in 2001 and he was the family clown...anything for a laugh and attention. So, here's a page for Lloyd.

The background is the usual spray ink and stencils. I painted on the limbs. The leaves were stamped on the inside of security envelopes that had been sprayed with ink and then cut out. I added a limb going from left to right to create an invisible circle. It makes the eye go around the page.

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