Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Card with a View

Well, yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day after all. Joe decided he felt better by 11:00 so I packed up a quick picnic lunch and he loaded up the bicycles and we headed for our favorite spot - Rondeau Provincial Park. We were only going to do a short ride though - yeah right. Turned out we did 28.8 km again. With only having a sandwich for lunch we decided we really deserved a bit of ice cream part way thru the bike ride. Now we really get to know the kids at the restaurant during the summer because we quite often enjoy their veggie burgers after a bike ride and they seem to like us too. The restaurant at the park closes this weekend and the kids are all going back to University so we wanted to stop in and say goodbye in case the back of Hurricane Irene soaks us this weekend and we don't make it back out there. (Yes, when ever there is a hurricane that hits the Gulf, we get the left over here in Ontario) So I ordered a single scoop of ice cream in a cup for me, a double for Joe and when he plunked the down on the counter and grinned I just about fell over. I had more then a double and Joe's was more then a triple. Whoa! We finished them because we didn't want to hurt his feelings after being so generous but let me tell you, I'm ice creamed out - and so is Joe. We are going for a walk there this afternoon and neither one of us wants ice cream.

As I was typing this Joe called me over to the back door - we have our hummingbird back! Yes! So beautiful. We didn't see them for most of August but now they are coming back! Glad I kept the feeders up and filled with fresh sugar water just in case.

Today's card is for a man - they are usually the hardest cards to make. Hubby keeps reminding me - no bows, flowers or glitter for men and boys! OK, here's what I came up with.

This is the front of the card. I made the base from white cardstock that had a light blue marble affect. I die cut the square out of the front with a Spellbinder die, then die cut the blue frame using two square dies. I made the rolling wave by cutting a scalloped strip and then embossed white embossing powder on the top to look like waves. You can just barely see the sailboat on the inside in this picture but when it is folded flat it's much better.

Here's the inside of the card. I took this picture off the shore of Erieau and added the sentiment in Photoshop. So, it should meet the requirements - a sail boat and no glitter, bows or flowers.

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jinxxxygirl said...

LOL! I have never been ice creamed out in my life! Probably why i have a weight problem. :)Men and their cards are no fun huh? :) A little glitter never hurt anyone! Great card! Hugs! deb

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