Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bird Photos

Two postings in one day! We went for a short walk (7-8km) today at Rondeau instead of biking. After the 28.8 km bike ride yesterday, it was time for a change of exercise. Whenever we walk at the park, I carry my camera. So glad I did today. At first the only thing I took a picture of was a small garter snake that was soaking up some heat from the pavement but then we saw a big  bird land in a tree just ahead of us we investigated - there were two of them - Yellow-billed Cuckoos. I only got one photo before they took off into the bush so it is not very clear, but clear enough to tell what it is.
Well, we can tell what it is! This is the first time we have ever seen one at Rondeau. The only other one we have ever seen was at Point Pelee years ago before I started to carry a camera. That one of course was the perfect "Kodak Moment" lost forever.

Then we spotted some birds in a tree and we were not sure what they were. Again, they were moving around quite a bit but I decided to get their picture anyway. Luckily a couple pictures turned out pretty clear. They were Red-eyed Vireos.

Front view

Side View

Then, just as we were getting into the car I spotted an old tree trunk with a large mushroom off to one side of it. I love these old tree trunks and fallen logs so I had to get a picture of it too. Joe does not see what I see in these but that's OK. He patiently waits for me to get any shots I want.

And no, this was not enhanced in Photoshop. That is the colour of it in real life - sort of a mossy green colour. So cool.

And we stayed away from the restaurant! No interest in any ice cream today! Can't take too much of that. We eat so healthy most of the time that we cannot tolerate too much unhealthy food. Our normal snack in the evening is yogurt and fresh fruit! Can't remember the last time we had potato chips or other snack like food. Just not for us.

No park tomorrow - grass cutting day!

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