Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jack's Soccer Page

Another beautiful day here in Ontario! We have only had the A/C on one day in the last two or three weeks. There is just enough of a cool breeze to keep the humidity down. However, I see the long range forecast is calling for 31C weather on Friday - that is definitely A/C weather.

I just walked back from visiting people at the nursing home...shut-ins that used to attend our church - although quite frankly, there are a couple that no one remembers but they requested a visit so I go. Some are a joy to visit with and some are too deep in dementia now to even know I'm there - but that's ok, I know I'm there.

Today I'm posting another soccer page. This page was in the same pack of soccer themed paper but I made it to be an independent page. I don't always do two page layouts.

Jack's shirt was orange, as well as his dad's who was his coach so I used orange paper as a backdrop. The diamond frame was part of the package so I matted it with the same orange paper, and then white and put a small picture of Jack in the middle. The side border was also in the pack so I matted it with orange as well and then added the orange cone. Over-all, I think it turned out OK. I had a few more pictures to work with because we actually got to see Jack playing a game. Too bad little Seth was sick that night so we didn't get to see him play....but his mom sent me his pictures.

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