Thursday, September 6, 2012

Precious Baby Card

Yesterday was quite the day. I was under attack from the two brain disorders Tuesday night and still with me yesterday morning. We had a few errands that needed doing so Joe suggested I come with him and then he would take me out for lunch (Chinese) and if I felt better we could go for a walk in the country. We did and although I was very tired when we got home - 9,736 steps in all for the day - I did feel better. One of the errands we had to do was to pick up a web cam for our desk top computer. Our tower is quite old, but our neighbour refurbished it last year. Trouble is the USB ports on the front of the computer did not like the web cam cable and refused to work so I had to crawl behind the tower to plug it into the back - where all the ports were being used. So, I had to unplug the camera cable, plug in the web cam cable and crawl back out. Bending over is also something the brain disorders do not like so that didn't help any. OK, now it works but won't reach the monitor. Bother! OK, I'm off to buy an extension cable today so I can wire it thru the back of the desk to the back of the tower. Hubby is funny! He is not a technical person at all - in fact, I'm his technical back-up! He says to me, "Don't we have any extra extension cords around"? Me - "Yes, we have lots but I need an extension cable, not a cord!" Him - "Oh"! Yeah, not a techie for sure!

I did get one card made and its another baby card.  I love this little stamp from Hot Off the Press I bought from Paper Wishes - best company ever to deal with!

Actually the paper comes from Hot Off the Press too, also from Paper Wishes. I stamped the bear and coloured her with water colour pencils...except the bow and bib which I wanted brighter so I used Tombow markers for that.  I sponged the pink ink around the oval while still in the die after colouring the bear. The little stars and the word precious also came with the stamp set - which was .99 by the way. As usual the ovals were cut with Spellbinder dies.

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