Monday, October 15, 2012

Monarch Sympathy Card

What a windy day - and night. I know first hand how windy it was last night because I couldn't sleep so I gave up at 12:30 and decided to go downstairs and sit and read for awhile. Before I went down to the rec room I took a peak outside the front door and what do I see but our blue recycle box laying on its side near the centre line. Oh, oh not good. So, I put a jacket on over my pj's and slipped on my clogs and out I went. Not exactly high fashion! I must of looked a sight but who cares, not me that's for sure. So, sure enough our yogurt containers and a few tin cans were blowing across the street so I picked them all up. Only one car past me while I was cleaning up and I bet he's telling someone about the crazy lady in a weird outfit picking up trash at 12:30 at night! He should slow down actually. We live at a 3-way stop but unless there are other cars in front of them, or a police car nearby, it's more like a no-way stop.

We don't use very many canned goods so the few we had were too light to beat the wind so I put the black box with the paper in it on top. That one was full but it worked and they stayed in place until they were picked up. When I told Joe what happened, he said it wasn't very windy when he put them out so he figured they would stay put. So that was my excitement for the night!

The pain from the brain disorder attack was less today and I got one black Ninja suit done and started on another one plus got some serging done on a Batman suit. These are just for the grandsons' dress-up box so no rush for them. The speech is still a bit so-so but good enough to go out tomorrow, I hope.

I was so happy being able to sew again I almost forgot to post my card today. Better late then never.

A simple card to make but I like how it turned out. The photo of the monarch butterfly was one that I took last summer. The sentiment was added in Photoshop Elements and then I print them out, two on 4x6 photo paper, then trimmed to size. The background paper is actually a note card from Hallmark. My granddaughter put a package in my Christmas stocking last year thinking that I use blank note cards. She meant well but not what I use so rather then having them sit there, I cut the front off and mounted the photo on it. I liked it and cut off some other ones and made more cards. A ribbon was added behind the photo and glued to the back before gluing the entire thing to the front of the card base. I had bought about 10 packages of these porcelain looking flowers in different colours at the thrift store and this one was perfect for the card. Then I added the three dew drops to set it off. I'll post some of the other cards using this paper at a later date.

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