Thursday, October 25, 2012

"R.I.P." card

Yesterday was such a beautiful day we decided to go for a walk in the afternoon. Well, after an hour's Aqua Fit in the morning and an hour's walk in the afternoon, my knee decided that I should take it easy today....or as my sports lovin' hubby says "What! You're back on the injured reserve list again"!  Appears so!

There was a lot of fallen leaves along the path by the river yesterday and every time we would come to a huge pile of them across the path I would kick up my feet just a wee bit more to make that beautiful rustling sound. Joe would give me that "what are you six?" look but I just laugh at him. The fall colours and rustling leaves are about the only thing I like about fall.

This morning I remembered I had some Chinese lotion in the cabinet called White Flower and rubbed some on my knee. I buy this from our local doctor of Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist...who is not Chinese but who cares, it's the degree that counts. White Flower smells like medicine and mints combined - Joe hates the smell of it and I don't mind it at all. All I know is that it works great for aching joints. It seems to clear the sinus cavity too! Strong stuff. If the knee isn't back to it's normal state (it's never actually better) soon I'll be going in for more acupuncture on it.

Today I'm posting another Halloween card. This one if for my grandson Jack.  I only have a few Halloween stamps so every year I have to get creative so the boys don't get the same card every year - although they probably wouldn't remember but that's not the point - I know what they get.

The photo is a bit fuzzy. I decided to use my old camera for taking the pictures of the cards I make but so far I'm not happy with it. I think some settings must have gotten changed and I may have to play with it for awhile today. Unfortunately the cards are already sealed in their envelopes so I cannot retake them. It's good enough to give you the idea of how I did.

Pretty straightforward really. I stamped the image of the crow on the tombstone twice, once on heavy cardstock and once on plain white paper. The image stamped on the heavy cardstock was then run thru the Cuttlebug with a square Spellbinder's die and embossed and I left it in the die until all the sponging was done.

I cut out the tombstone from the white paper and applied a little repositionable glue to the back of it an stuck it on the other stamped tombstone. Then I applied some yellow Distress ink around the moon and orange Distress inks to the sides of the moon, and Concord Grape Distress ink to the bottom part. Then I removed the mask from the tombstone and gently rubbed some ink from a brownish inky sponge on the tombstone. This sponge had many colours on it and I just moved it around to get some variety of colours on the tombstone.

I found two pieces of Halloween paper left over from another card so I just cut them into rectangles. The orange one had the sides distressed and then inked black. The other ones were just inked black around the edges, including the stamped image. Once they were all assembled and glued down I added the spider. This one came from Fabricland last year and it was meant to be heat set onto fabric but it works on paper too so I just took it to the ironing board, covered it with a piece of paper to protect the iron and ironed it on. Fun card to make.

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