Monday, October 29, 2012

"She wasn't really evil"

Hurricane Sandy is living up to its prediction - brutal storm. Praying for the sailors missing from the tall ship off the coast of Nova Scotia. We have had a lot of rain and gusting winds here so far and the wind is expected to get up to between 60 - 100 km/hr by tonight. Shudder!

Today I'm posting a Halloween card I made for my granddaughter. She's 20 and sometimes I make her a Halloween card and sometimes just a nice fall card. Hubby keeps reminding me she's 20 and not a kid anymore and I keep reminding him that she loves my cards - age has nothing to do with it. I win...she gets a card!

This picture is a free download from the blog: Great free graphics and pictures. The original photo had a Halloween poem where my tag is. I didn't want the poem so I edited it out in Photoshop, brought in the tag and printed my own saying. It's too small to read on-line but it says "She wasn't evil....just misunderstood!" The bat was punched using a Stampin' Up punch (love this punch) and just glued on later. After I printed out the photo on my home printer, I mounted it on black and then on the purple Halloween paper. I think she will like it.

This is the first year I bought my Halloween goodies to give out early!....and now they are calling for 90% chance of rain for Wednesday night. Darn! The only good thing is the bags I bought have some candy and gum and some small toys. They were originally meant for stuffing goody bags for birthday parties but the store was clearing them out so I picked a couple bags up. I think I'll sort out the candy and gum and leave the toys for next year! Hubby thinks I should buy chocolate bars just in case we run out - guess who is a chocolate-holic! If the weather report is correct, there are going to be a lot of disappointed kiddies if they can't go out trick or treating.

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Cora said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing.

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