Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sometimes Less is More....

Another misty, cool day here but the winds are back down to normal so that makes it a little better - but this summer lovin' gal hates this time of the year. I was touched that so many people contacted me to see how I was faring in this bad weather. Nice to have friends that care.

Last night was a wet Halloween. We ended up having 26 trick or treaters with parents holding umbrellas! We normally have between 75 - 100. I knew there weren't going to be many kiddies come out in that type of weather so each one got a huge handful of candies. After I closed up shop at 8:00 I said to Joe "What should we do with this left over candy?" I made a couple of suggestions to him but as he pointed out, everyone has left over candy and they will be taking it to work at those places. It was garbage night and he had been emptying all the garbage containers in the house to one big bag and he held it open and in it all went! I am not a candy person and he is more of a chocolate person then candy so its gone. Maybe next year I'll go back to chocolate bars because at least we can freeze the left overs for special treats.

Here's the funniest Halloween story. My 8 year old grandson saw some of shark week on TV and was upset about shark finning. His request for a Halloween costume was a great white shark suit, which I was able to make after adjusting some other patterns and making some up as I went along. (pictures to follow on another day) He also had his mom transfer "STOP FINNING"  with a picture of a shark between the words onto his Halloween bag. His mom said at every house he said, "Thank you. Happy Halloween and please save the sharks". Yup, an eight year old trick or treating activist! Go Jack!

Halloween is over so now it's on to Christmas. Here's a couple of cards I made this week.

Most of my cards seem to have a lot of coloured images on them but sometimes I need a change. I had picked up a package of various things at the thrift store one day and part of it contained a package of note cards and envelopes. Turned out they were single sheet, but good quality, note cards. How odd. So I took one and stamped this tree using Handsome Hunter from Stampin' Up. Once it was dry I sponged Tumbled Glass and Broken China Distress Ink around the outside of the tree. It was calling out for something else so I used Mustard Seed Distress Ink and sponged some on and around the tree - bingo! The tree just seemed to glow. Then I noticed that right in the middle of the stamped image was a cardinal outline so I filled it in with a red Tombow marker. Nice! This note card had an embossed frame so I added some gold peel-and-stick lines beside it and that really set it off. Then I just added some gold circles for snowflakes and a big green bow. It was then glued onto a green card base which means it is now too big for the envelopes that came with the note cards. Oh well, I'll just make some smaller cards to use them up.

I then made a similar card using black Archival Ink.

I think for the centre of this one I used Wild Honey Distress Ink, just for a change. I can't seem to make the same card over and over. There has to be something different on each one.

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