Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo - a rainy, cold Halloween

Still raining here off and on, mostly on, and very windy and cold. I have a feeling I'm going to have scads of Halloween candy left over this year - and I don't eat the stuff so not sure what I'll do with it - women's shelter maybe?

Two weird things to report. Do you sometimes just shake your head and wonder what people are thinking. Weird Number One - someone in the library decided to start the fall book sale tonight, Oct 31st, at 6:30. Excuse me? It's Halloween. What were you thinking?...or right, you weren't!

Weird Number Two. Yesterday I opened the door to get our newspaper. The driver throws it out the car window and it lands where it lands, usually he gets it up on the porch and yesterday he did get up there, but barely. It was hanging over the edge of the porch and although it was in a plastic sleeve, it's only sealed at one end so the water was dripping out of the sleeve when I picked it up. Nice try putting it in plastic but during a hurricane, a little more care could have been taken. It went right into the recycle bin except for the sports pages that Joe spread out to dry - and I helped them along with a hair blower (I know nice of me - I have my moments). This morning I opened the door to get the paper and lo and behold, it was right on the doorstep. Me thinks someone must have reported a complaint or two to the newspaper - but it wasn't me! Oh well, there are some things you just have to shake your head at and move on.

This is the last Halloween card to post for this year. It's for my 5 year old grandson, Seth.
Pretty simple card to make. I covered the front of a black card base with the Halloween designer paper and found a piece of orange that matched for the strip. First I die cut the bats using a Stampin' Up die and then glued the orange piece on to a black piece of cardstock and then glued it to the DS. The cute little ghost was part of a pack I bought eons ago and never used.  The boo is just a sticker. Quick and easy and suitable for a 5 year old.

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