Monday, December 3, 2012

Before and After Candle Holder

Today is hubby's birthday. Bad news, good news x 2. Bad news - he's a year older, good news, he's pretty much over the flu. Second bad news, good news. I woke up with a lot of pressure in my head and very, very weird speech so hard to have a conversation with me. Good news, I sang happy birthday to him and it cracks him up every time. I should tape it some day. Some words I repeat over and over and the word birthday had about 20 syllables in it today. It's hilarious...and trust me people, I cannot sing normally. It was so funny today he asked me later on if I would sing to him again! That's a first! The only thing special he wanted for his birthday was a piece of cheesecake so yes, the vegetarian healthy eater bought a very small cheesecake for him. It's once a year so I guess we can work it off. He got his present early - tickets to see Michelle Wright live at the Capital Theatre.

Anyway, while he was sick over the weekend I had lots of time to play in the lower studio (aka the basement) and did some scrapbooking, card making, painting and finished up two mixed media pieces, one will be posted tomorrow, the other one later on. I also did some magic on a very scruffy blah looking candle holder that I picked up in a mixed bag of stuff at a garage sale years ago and never used it. Here is the before shot.

It's a little fuzzy but you can see that it is a large cube with stars cut out but very blah.

Here's the after.

This picture does not even come close to doing it justice either. It is beautiful. I simply sponged on 5 colours of red and wine alcohol inks and gold alcohol mixative. It is really shiny in real life and much brighter. I love it now! I will put a sealer on it so it doesn't get scratched and I'll likely use battery operated candles in it too. Not sure an open flame around alcohol ink is a good idea!

So, got something old? Don't toss it in the landfill. Give it a face lift!

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