Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Mixed Media Christmas Tree

This project has been quite the work-in-progress. I'm pretty much self taught in mixed media having only taken one class with Linda Heavens at the Paper Pickle when we made the three hearts piece. But, being me, I just jump in and start things not knowing how they will turn out. I start out with a vague idea of what I want to do but it veers off course pretty quickly. I saw one of these on Christy Tomlinson's site and thought I'd give it a try myself. She did hers on a rectangle canvas which would likely be better; but, Joe's cousin had some left over wood and cut me a few pieces knowing I'd do something with them so that's what I'm using. 

I'm posting three versions of this piece to show you how it changes.

First time I thought it was done - but sort of knew it wasn't but the doubts started creeping in so I left it for a day or two.

I was thinking it needed more contrast after a discussion with Linda H. (many thanks) I decided I was on the right wave length and made some drastic changes...at least I thought they were drastic.

Here's the next phase - thought it was done again, but it was not....

I know the background always changes, depending on where I take the picture of what I place behind it. This background was white which did not enhance the piece at all. But, you can see where the background imagery is still visible, but a little more muted and the tree pops more.

This is the finished piece, I think!

Better background (a file folder) and I added some white rub-ons that sort of look like snowflakes. It is what it is. Sometimes I think I should stick to card making!!!!...but this is so much fun.

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Lela Meinke said...

cool - love the progression and i love the final piece!

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