Sunday, January 6, 2013

Antique Truck Card

I've been missing in action because Blogger would not let me upload a picture. I thought it was my computer which is old and cranky (like us) but I finally did a search on the Internet and someone suggested trying to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and it worked! Yay! Back in business. 

Everything is getting back to normal - well, my normal anyway. Hubby is pretty much better, my speech is good for awhile and then goes weird again, I made it to Aqua Fit on Friday and we went out and got groceries. I've been running to a nearby grocery store to grab milk and fresh fruit for the last couple of weeks but today was BIG grocery day. We try to only go about every 10 - 14 days, except for fresh fruit. I forgot to tell you about the other day's trip to the supermarket. As I was leaving the side lane to turn onto the main lane that leads to the street, I saw a very long car (about twice as long as the average car on the road nowadays) turning into my lane but I couldn't see a driver. I stopped real quick. Then I noticed a hand waving me on so I slowly pulled up and out and as I got along side the car I noticed a very short little old lady behind the wheel. I honestly couldn't see her head at all from the front and she could just barely see over the steering wheel. Shudder. I didn't stick around to see how she was ever going to park that monstrosity and I was glad I would be home before she hit the road again. I hope I have enough common sense to give up driving when my time comes!

So, that was yesterday's post. Last night, (about 1:20 a.m) I got attacked by the brain disorders again likely because the temperature outside is rising and they are calling for snow flurries. My brain does not like changes in the atmospheric pressure so today will be a "take it easy and let it pass" day.

 Today I'm posting a card I made for one of my sons-in-law.

The background paper is all left over bits. The image is from Tim Holtz and I embossed it in a rusty colour and then chalked blue above and green below. I wanted it grungy but different so after die cutting it out with the Spellbinder's Deckled edge die, the edges were inked with the same brown ink and then clear embossing powder and heat set. I did the same with the blue rectangle and the Wish rectangle. It looks cool in real life.


jinxxxygirl said...

We went to Chrome and that fixed alot of my problems with Blogger. Firefox was an option too.....

You never know that driving may be her last little bit of independence. I could see where that may be dangerous but difficult to give up....maybe she has no one else to help her?

Lovely card Violet! Embossing and i are not friends yet but i hope to be introduced! :) Hugs! deb

CraftyViolet said...

Yes, hard to give up a driver's licnese but there comes a time when its a necessity!!
I had Google Chrome once and for some reason I hated it and deleted it. Can't remember why I didn't like it now though!

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