Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Never a Waste of Time

We are bracing ourselves for yet another winter storm. This one may be a doozy too. This afternoon I decided I should make sure all the bird feeders were full before the storm it. So, out I went with my bucket of bird feed. Just as I started up the back steps I felt ice pellets hitting me and bouncing all over the steps. I waited just a little too long! According the weather report it will change from snow, to ice pellets, rain and freezing rain depending upon the temperature at the time. Ugly storm!

I made it to Aqua Fit again this morning! Feels so good to be getting exercise again.
I made a quick stop to check out the thrift store - picked up two complete, still in the wrapper, Making Memories for babies paper. I know I have a ton of paper, but very little for babies so I was happy to get them.. 15 double sided heavy duty sheets in each package - $2.99 less 20% for being a senior. Can't pass that up. As I came in the front door, hubby was standing there with his coat on and shoes in hand. He was going for a walk and waited for me! Excuse me? I just did an Aqua Fit class and you want me to go for an hour-and-half walk?  I've told him before that I will walk in the afternoon after an Aqua Fit class, but not right after, but because he knew the storm was coming he thought I might want to get the walk in now. No Thanks. Enjoy your walk, see you when you get back!

This week's art journal challenge at Stamping Bella was to use a new box of Crayola products. She posted a picture of the box that she bought but I had no intention of buying anything new but I happened to have a brand new box of regular Crayola crayons I had bought to put in with the shoe box for third world countries for Christmas but when I opened them when I got home, some of the tips were broken. I didn't want to send broken ones so I bought a new box and kept this one for the grand kids but forgot to dump them in their container. So, here's my page.

I had no idea what to do with this challenge. So I just wrote out this phrase that popped into my head, making sure all the letters were different. I just made up the lettering as I went along. I took a very small stamp and stamped some of the open letters with red Stazon ink and then coloured each letter with the crayons. Some of the stamped images got covered up. Oh well.  In the blank spaces I stenciled in some flowers and hearts. Then I decided to get out my seldom-used water colour paints - cheap set from Winners but they work - and I coloured in the background with them. Pretyy but looked blah! So, I got out my stencils and some Distress Inks and stenciled in bits and pieces of various stencils here and there. Much better. It was kind of fun to do actually. Very relaxing. No matter how busy you are, take time for yourself. Grab a box of crayons and a kid's colouring book even and sit and colour. You will be surprised how relaxed you become.


Kooky said...

What a bright & colourful page with a great sentiment. And good on you for not buying something new but using what you had, I like that.

SAMARA said...

This is a wonderfully alive and radiant page! And I am impressed that you made it to your gym class in the storm and that you thought of the little birdies. I bet they love you!!! Happy PPF!

hope said...

this is a fab page and i love the quot. makes me smile.

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