Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Happy Bird Day

Well we got out bird watching one more day! On Friday I stepped out on the porch to check the mail box and the cold wind hit the side of my face and triggered off the brain disorders. Yup, that's all it takes sometimes. Usually the pain, face swelling and weird speech go away in a couple of hours but not this time. Not a good couple of days or nights but today I told Joe I was okay to do something if we stay out of the wind. So, biking was out but we decided to go to Point Pelee for a walk in the bush which would keep me out of the wind but still be a nice afternoon. We had a great day! And, I got some awesome photos. Here are my favorites.

The Cedar Waxwings look like bandits with the black thru their eyes. Beautiful birds.

I was thrilled to get this close-up photo of the female American Redstart warbler.
We didn't see a male around but he was probably back in the bush.

This is an Orchard Oriole and below is the Baltimore Oriole.
The Baltimore Orioles were everywhere today!

My favorite shot of the day!
Love this little warbler and so hard to get it to sit still for a photo.
Not sure if we will be out birding anymore but so far this year, I have some excellent shots. Now I have to narrow down the ones I want to print off.
The only other problem with this past few days was the cold weather, especially at night. I think we had a touch of frost and my flat of impatience may have to be replaced. We shall see. Strange weather for May. We've had the heat on for the last few days and on Wednesday it's going to be hot and humid we will likely have to switch to A/C! Crazy weather for sure.


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jinxxxygirl said...

The weather is crazy here too. Up down up down...Tomorrow73 with a 50% chance of rain ...then up the temps go for the rest of the week...thankfully we haven't had to use the a/c much yet...knock on wood. Come to find out our new house is well insulated. I we have the windows open all night up until about 10am then i close up and close the blinds and we stay cool in the house until about 5pm...turn on the air until about 8 or 9 then we can open up again.....crazy i know but i'm home all the time so it works for us...only using the air 3-4 hours a day sounds good to me.....Love the bird photos! Hugs! deb

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