Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Purple Card and More Birds

Another wonderful day spent tramping thru the woods today! Yesterday we went to Point Pelee and walked over 10,600 steps looking for the migratory birds. They are trickling in but a bit slower then last year we think. Today we went to Rondeau Provincial Park and had a much better day...but we only walked half as far; mainly because we spent over an hour driving and walking up and down Lakeshore Road looking for the elusive Western Kingbird. This bird is suppose to be in the very south tip of Florida, not Southern Ontario. He was just a tad off course! We were always in the wrong place at the wrong time so we missed him. Drats.  I'll post the birds I did see at the end of this post.

Now for the card. I was obviously in a purple mood when I made this card.

The over sized purple banner down the centre is one of my homemade painted papers. It started out as a blah piece of paper and I transformed it. It was mounted on white cardstock and then glued to the light purple card base. The label is from Hot off the Press and so is the sentiment. I stamped them and cut them out and attached it with dimensional dots. Then I tied the dotted sheer ribbon in a double bow and glued it on with glue dots. A quick and easy card but very cute, I think.

And now for some of my favorite bird photos.

Finally a bird sat still for me!

While waiting for the Western Kingbird to show up we spotted this Eastern Blue Bird.

There were several Chickadees at the Visitors Centre.

A very cute little Sparrow

A rare visitor to Rondeau. There is only two known to be here.

A side view of the Yellow-throated Warbler

Another shot of the Black-throated Green.
He looks like he's giving me the evil eye!

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