Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Sorry if you popped in to the blog to see a card or scrapbook page or other art work. Not happening today. I want to post a few pictures that I took of the migratory birds that are arriving. Here are just a few.

The Nashville Warbler is so pretty and this year we saw a lot of them.

Lots of Ruby Crowned Kinglets too.

I like it when they pose for me!

I just happened to catch this Blue-grey Gnatcatcher in flight.
You can see that he caught his lunch!
Amazing to watch them and these are tiny little birds.

The Goldfinch stay all winter but the males turn a dull brown.
The males are now in their summer yellow and are so pretty.

We normally see these Nuthatches at feeders but this one landed right beside us out on the trail.

A very colourful Blue-headed Vireo.
That's all for today. I've saved the best for another day!!!

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