Monday, July 29, 2013


Well this wasn’t the best weekend we have ever had. Besides worrying about my brother-in-law who is in hospital from a stroke, the weather plummeted to around 60 and it was raining which triggered off the brain disorders and Saturday was not a comfortable day for me. In case you are new to my blog, I suffer from two rare brain disorders, which are not fatal, but cause varying degree of pain from (1) tolerable (which is every day) to (2) “oh-oh not going to be very creative today” to (3) “lay on the couch and listen to soft music and leave me alone”… and it affects my speech. You get the idea. (I had brain surgery in October 2000 which reduced the constant horrific pain but did not cure it – the cause of the affliction was so rare the neurosurgeon had never come across it before in over 35 years of surgery – leave it to me). And, no, I do not take any medication for them for two reasons; one, I’m allergic to some of the meds that help and two, I refuse to take narcotic pain medication which is the only thing that would give me relief. I’d much rather just wait it out. However, the pain was less yesterday and we did enjoy a day of hiking and eating around Sarnia and today the pain is back to the tolerable stage but the speech is still weird.

Because I was in between levels 2 and 3 on pain scale I decided to try to do something to take my mind off the pain so I headed down to the lower studio which is fact, the basement, because it’s cool and quiet….well, except when the washer/dryer/sump pump/freezer and furnace kicks in that is! The concentration level was not that great so I didn’t want to attempt anything too complicated so I pulled out some chipboard elements that I’ve had for a couple of years and never got around to using. These came on sale from Paper Wishes and although I liked them, I just never got around to using them. Here’s one of the cards that I made.

The sheets contained only the elements, not the background paper so I hunted thru the stash and found some paper that worked with the elements. Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder of scraps! The sheets all came with sample ideas but I did change some to suit the paper I was using. These were quick and easy cards and yet they turned out very well. The nicest part is there were extra elements on each sheet so I was able to combine the leftover pieces for a couple extra cards. The inside also had coordinating verses. I kept the idea samples for reference.

So, if you are in pain, upset, worried, etc. instead of reaching for pills, go make something! Anything! If you are not crafty, grab some crayons and a kid’s colouring book and colour. Not only will the act of colouring or creating take you mind of your troubles, it will calm you down. Works for me every time and I hope it works for you. Until next time, hope you are having a great day!




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jinxxxygirl said...

Oh Violet I'm so sorry your struggling and i hope your brother in law does well. Sending good thoughts! We are enjoying a day in the 80's instead of near 100...all the windows are open and a nice breeze coming in. Most of the week is suppose to be that way....before we warm up ...again...

Having an off day myself...i think i'll take your advice and go sit down at the craft table and distract myself!! :) Hugs! deb

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