Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Now today is the perfect summer day! 75°F with a light breeze! We got the grass cut, the weeds out and everything watered and the last application of MiracleGro applied. If only it would stay like this instead of the wild fluctuation of temperature and humidity that we have had so far. This has not been a typical Ontario summer, at least not weather wise.

By the way, please don’t feel sorry for me just because I happen to have a couple of rare brain disorders. There are lots of people who have a heavier cross to bear than I do. Once in awhile I like to mention it only so you will not be confused at the various cards I make…some are very elaborate, some not. Some days I just can’t concentrate enough to do anything complicated, and some days I just can’t find my muse! Today I’m have a good day, health-wise, as the brain disorders have settled down. I’ve lived with this since Nov 1999, and brain surgery in Oct 2,000, so we’re pretty used to the ups and downs.

Today I decided to post an art journal page I just made. I don’t do too many of these but every once in awhile I get the urge to make something different. Stamping Bella has an art journal challenge on Tuesday’s but I don’t think I used her suggestion this week but she doesn’t care if we do or not, she just wants to encourage us to express ourselves. Most people do an art journal page to express their current feelings. Well, my overall feelings don’t change that much. I’m not a worrier, moody or depressed person. I’m pretty much the same every day from the time my feet touch the floor in the morning until I crawl into bed at night. “Every day this side of the dirt is a good one” is my motto. Yes, I thank God even for the bad days because I’m still here and it makes the good days even better. So, instead of expressing feelings, I like to take a saying and make a page for it.


The background is the usual spray ink and stencils and paint. The house and trees were cut from some paper that I painted and sprayed and stenciled as are the strips behind the sayings and the strip by the front door. The saying was computer generated and then cut apart and glued onto some cardstock and then the hand-painted paper. Nothing special but its okay. I like hearts - can you tell?





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Lavender Knits said...

Your page is beautiful. Thank you for the reminder of how special our lives can be.

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