Monday, September 23, 2013


Another weekend past and I never left the house – darn old cold just didn’t want to go away. However, I’m almost over it now so things should get back to normal soon….as long as Joe doesn’t come down with it. We had to make an unscheduled trip to Port Huron today to pay respects to the family of one of our Michigan friends who died from cancer over the weekend. We met Dick and Sharon over 16 years ago at a hockey game and have been friends ever since. Dick will be sorely missed by his family that’s for sure. His family was everything to him, which is how it should be!

While we were there we stocked up on the frozen veggie food from there that we cannot buy here. We ran out of it months ago and never made the trip back to get more. We kept saying we would go “next week” but “next week” never came. I also made a quick trip into Hobby Lobby but didn’t buy much this time. I did pick up my favorite glue – Zip Dry – because it was $6.99 there and I had a 40% off coupon. It is almost $15.00 at Michaels which is ridiculous because the local small scrapbook store, the Paper Pickle, sells it for either $8.99 or $9.99. How can Michaels justify this??? Greed maybe??? The only other things I picked up were some bracelet memory wire and a couple of spray bottles – again less than half the price than Michaels charges!

However, I wasn’t too sick over to do a little crafting over the weekend – mostly scrapbooking – but I haven’t got them photographed yet so I can’t post them. I did make a few baby cards though. Here is one of them.


This was made with the rolling stamp from Stampin’ Up. I rolled it first on white cardstock with Versamark and black embossing powder and heat embossed them. Then I cut out the individual onesies and coloured them with Tombow markers. Then I rolled it again over pink cardstock using pink ink and glued the coloured onsie on top of one of them. Having the coloured onsie placed on top gives it some dimension instead of just colouring one flat. I strung some small little flower beads (Dollarama) onto pink embroidery floss and glued it across the card like a clothes line. Then I stamped the sentiment – which I should have done before I glued down the flowers but it just fit on! The edges of the pink cardstock were inked with hot pink and then glued to a pretty light green cardstock and then to a pink striped paper with those edges inked with pink as well. Then everything got glued to a hot pink card base. Lots of steps but it went together quickly actually.






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