Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Baby Page for Finn

I thought I’d change things up and post a scrapbook layout today. I’m almost done the photos for 2010 so I will only have 65 years left to scrap!!! Unfortunately I have few pictures from my childhood because people just didn’t take pictures as much as they do now – especially farmers with lots of children and foster children and little money. I have 7 brothers and sisters, one brother being unofficially adopted because he came to live with us when he was 9 and didn’t leave until he was 30, but we had numerous children from the children’s aid and just kids who could not live at their own home anymore, but found security and love at our house. So, having few pictures is unfortunate in one way, but it will speed up the scrapbooking for the first few decades of my life.

Last week I posted photos of our trip to Niagara Falls with the youngest grandson, Finn. Here are the first two pages I made of when he was born.


This first page came with the word “Sweet”, the strip that says baby and the line across the bottom third. The top of the page was just a very light blue so I spritzed on some blue ink here and there to add some interest. Then I added the blue paper with the diaper pins and the plain blue and then the photos. Then I just added some embellishments and the quote bubble. I like layers. His name was die cut and glued on. I had to white out where he was born as I don’t post personal information. Same with the journaling on the next two pages.

 This page is Grampa and I holding Finn at the hospital. This page was the same light blue as the top of the other one so I spritzed it as well, added some of the diaper pin paper at the bottom and a cute strip on top. More layers, buttons and a bird just to keep it interesting.

And here are the two pages side by side. Hard to believe this is the same little boy we took to Niagara Falls. Oh my has he grown! Joe and I haven't aged at all of course!!!




jinxxxygirl said...

Aaaww isn't he adorable!!! And i love your pages! You and Joe look FABULOUS!!

Lindsay Weirich said...

beautiful pages and I love the funny speech bubble:)

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