Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OH OH card

The cold air is moving in! Its only 7C here (44F) but no frost so probably the allergens affecting my voice are not frozen yet. The wind is blowing like crazy so there go the beautiful fall leaves. Family members living in Northern Ontario are reporting some snow falling and they say it’s too early for that even up there. There is no denying it now - winter is coming for sure.

This card is for the little six year old grandson, Seth, who broke his arm. I was watching The Frugal Crafter’s videos on YouTube and she had a stamp set from Stampin’ Up about creating monsters. One of them she said looked like minion from the movie Despicable Me and made it  into a minion. Well, I don’t have that stamp set but I figured it looked easy enough to draw so that’s what I did.


I drew the minion and coloured it in and of course, gave him a broken arm. As I was colouring it it dawned on me that I had no idea if Minions come in yellow but yellow he is. I wasn’t sure how to make a cast but I ended up putting on some frosted Stickles and that worked fine. I added googly eyes and the sentiment is just stickers. I figured OH OH said it all! Then on the inside I wrote him a little note. Hope he likes it.




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