Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rays of Colour

Not much to report around here today. Just going about as usual – Aqua Fit in the morning and then some crafting – today is a quilting day but I’ll likely head down to the lower studio after supper for awhile. I’m trying to get pieces cut out for another quilt and I’m running out of the dark browns I need. I’m trying hard to use up all my leftover bits of fabric and trying hard not to buy any more fabric but I may have to make an exception for this one….hee hee hee! What a shame, I may have to go to a fabric store!!!

Talking about leftover bits, this card made good use of small strips of paper.


I took a blue card base and roughly penciled in where the corner label was going to go and then I glued on strips making sure they went beyond the pencil mark. The orange label was die cut from a Spellbinder’s deckle edge die. The oval label came in a 6” pack where most of the strips also came from. The sentiment is a peel-and-stick. Once I had everything glued down I took various strips of gold peel-and-stick lines and put one down each side of each strip. I may make another one and put the sentiment labels a circle and put it in the top left corner to mimic the sun. I thought of that after I had made the card. I have a great mind but it’s usually on its own path that is slightly behind the moment!

That’s all for a Tuesday.




1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

LOVE this card Violet. It truly does remind me of the sun! Love how you use all your bits and pieces...

Today we are waiting on the rain... and waiting..... We are suppose to have a rainy three days starting today ... cross your fingers we need it terribly. Hugs! deb

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