Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sweet Puppy

Not sure what I want to do today. Yesterday at lunch Joe and I both remarked how great it was I was having such a good day in spite of the rain (in case you are new to my blog, let me explain. I have two rare brain disorders that are not fatal but cause a bit of turmoil all the same – and the don’t like a lot of things, including rain and thunderstorms) but about 10:30 last night the brain disorders decided to attack…and don’t want to give up the attack. Oh well, this too shall pass. I just have to ride it out. The concentration level is not great though so I won’t be doing anything too particular…just a nice quiet day. It’s between sorting some fabric and trying to do some scrapbooking and I think the scrapbooking is winning the battle. Speaking of which, here is a page I completed of my grandson Jack when they first got their dog, Griffin.

This is one page that went together pretty quickly. A 6”x12” piece of lightly patterned paper was placed on top and in the middle of the background paper and then a blue strip was layered on the top and bottom of it. This was to bring out the blue in Jack’s sweater. Then I added another strip under the bottom blue one to ground the photos. Both photos were mounted on white and then blue cardstock. The title “Sweet Puppy” was a rub-on I bought at the Paper Pickle and I just put it on a piece of velum. Of course then I had to figure out how to attach it without the glue showing. I didn’t have any dog-like brads on hand that would work so I quickly sculpted some thin bones out of polymer clay and baked them. I had made scratches in them with an old dental tool one of the hygienist gave me and then once it was dry I went over it with brown paint and rubbed it off quickly so it would only stay in the grooves. I had made a hole in the centre before it was baked so all I had to do was add a brad. I think they worked okay. I did the journaling on the computer spacing it so I could put the one picture in between the title and the rest of it. The flower is made from both fabric and paper with a button in the middle. Yes, you can put flowers on boys pages, just keep them simple and colour appropriate.  Man, have both of these grown since this was taken in 2010!

Have a great day everyone




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