Monday, December 23, 2013

Opening Gifts Layout

Is everybody ready for the big day? As my grandkids say, only two more sleeps! I finally finished the gifts for the sons-in-law last night. Whew! Just a few more things to wrap and I’m done!

We had so much rain on Friday that there is very little snow left and we never did get more on Saturday that they were forecasting. The ice storm sure made a mess of things north and east of here and one of my daughters was without power for 24 hours but it came back on last night. Thank goodness for the hydro crews that worked non-stop to try to get as many people as they could back on-line.

Here is another Christmas scrapbook layout.

Another quick and easy layout and lots of pictures – that’s pretty much my style of scrapbooking. I have YEARS of scrapbooking to do and I just can’t put one picture on each page like some people do. The background paper came mottled and I just added the borders at each end. Once again the title letters were just plain chipboard and I sponged alcohol inks over them to match the background. A few embellishments and stickers and the page was done.
Here are the individual pages. One is out of focus and I didn't realize it until the page was back in the album and I was not about to take it out again.

That’s all for a Monday.




1 comment:

Lindsay Weirich said...

Beautiful Layout Violet! Sorry all the snow melted away :( I'm sure you will have a lovely Christmas with those adorable grandkids anyway:)

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