Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Proud Mother and a Card

I’m sort of bursting with pride right now. My oldest daughter, Dr. Maryanne Pearce, was invited to be interviewed on CBC radio this morning – at 7:20 a.m. I’m not usually up and functioning before 8:00 anymore but I made sure I was up for this. It was rather surreal listening to my daughter on the radio. She did great. She has a tendency to talk fast like her mother but she did not do that at all and sounded very professional. Last week I mentioned her thesis and all the attention she has been getting. Not sure if the link worked or not but hope some of you read it. It is a very hard and haunting topic so it is nice to see her get recognition after seven long years of research….and to bring the subject back in the public eye and who knows, perhaps solve a few cold case murders as well.

Okay, enough of that. Time to move on to a card. I was in the mood to make some cards one day last week when it was actually warm enough to spend some time in the basement, aka the lower studio. Here’s one I came up. I seldom use sketches and I'm not sure why. I guess I just like to wing it.

I’m loving this shiny paper I picked up at the thrift store. It is all 6x6 so trimmed it down to 5” square to fit on the card bases I had on hand. The strips cut off are featured on other cards. I’m too frugal to throw paper away. In fact, the two polka dot strips were left over from another card so I added the dark orange ¼” strips, which is the back of one of these cards, between and at the ends of them. Then die cut letters with a Cuttlebug alphabet die were added. Then I die cut the butterflies with a Stampin’ Up small die, adding the small polka don’t one on top of the orange one and glued it on with a dimensional glue dot. It needed something else so I added a small gem to the butterfly. A simple but elegant card.

The Don’t Bug Me quilt is now layered with the batting and backing and ready to be quilted….which is where I’m off to now.





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thefrugalcrafter said...

What a proud momma you must be! Good for her being on the radio for her thesis. The card is so warm and sunny (with the weather would follow suit!) Thanks for the kind blog comments, I can't believe the "drama" there today, oh well, what are you gonna do right? Have fun working on the quilt:)

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