Friday, February 21, 2014

CAN-A-DA!!! and a Stylish Birthday Card!

CAN-A-DA     CAN-A-DA   CAN-A-DA! Yes, the Canadian men’s hockey team beat the U.S.A. team 1 – 0! Wow, a close game and nerve wrenching game to watch. We now play for the gold!!! Yup, I love our national sport! Hubby and I both like hockey, baseball and motor car racing – but except for car racing, we root for separate teams; but not today, we were both holding our breath for Canada!

Okay, enough of that, lets talk about the weather which I know I’ve been complaining about all winter. If having high winds, snow, ice pellets, rain and freezing rain off and on all day yesterday, Mother Nature decided to throw in a couple of thunder and lightning storms. Whew! Were they ever nasty! One big one came through about 5:30 or so last night and the other scary-big just before midnight. I was lying in bed thinking that the thunderstorm reminded me of the storms we get in July. Of course, I just had to get up to look outside to make sure there were no tornado clouds forming and saw the 2 feet of snow in the backyard and that pretty much destroyed the July image I had. Just high winds so far today so at least some of the snow has melted and the wind is helping to dry it up. Of course, everyone is worried about flooding now.

And now for the actual post! This week’s challenge was to use ribbon or washi tape on our card. Here’s mine.
I decided to try colouring without blending with gamsol and found out I quite like it. It’s a different look but once in awhile I just have to try something new. The dies are all Spellbinders. To get the presents and the bag in her hand not to cut through with the die, I had make a cut where the die hits the image and then slip that part out of the die before running it through. The sentiment comes with the image. All the paper is from the stash.

Happy Friday everyone! Have an awesome weekend. I’ve been making some jewellery so I just might post some of those tomorrow.




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jinxxxygirl said...

So funny hubby and i don't like hockey or baseball or car only thing like that we do watch is American football... and even then we only watch it when it gets close to the superbowl....Congrats!! on your Canadian win! Pssst... we'll get ya next time.. :)I'm glad to hear it was at least a close game.

Its 72 degrees here today and for most of next week...promising us rain (70%) next my fingers crossed....all the almond trees around here are in bloom.

I just colored a lily pad using the gamsol you turned me onto and boy what a difference. I also changed up my colored pencils to Prismacolor pencils and i think that made a big difference. The gamsol works better on them than the Crayola which is what i had been using.

Love your card like always Violet. You have such a keen sense of what colors to put together. Love it! Hugs! deb

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