Sunday, February 23, 2014


GOLD! Canada’s men’s hockey team won the gold medal. That was worth getting up early for! I can feel an afternoon nap coming on though!

You can always tell the men that actually pay attention to what their wives do. The other night we were watching the Olympics and Joe turned to me and said, “I keep seeing those jackets people are wearing. They remind me of the crazy quilts you make.” Wow, he even knows some quilting terminology!

I thought I’d show some more jewellery I made recently. The first two are from beads I picked up at the thrift store in one of those “you never know what is in it” packages. I knew they had beads but couldn’t tell how many of each. I took a chance and I’m glad I did. I don’t own any really expensive jewellery and I don’t want any. I’d be so worried about losing it I would not enjoy wearing it so it’s costume jewellery only for me.


The one bag had those beautiful wine coloured glass beads so all I had to do was add the gold ones which I already had. This is a memory wire bracelet, five rounds in all.


This package just had these few green glass beads so I just added the small ones from my stash and made a single round memory wire bracelet.

I’m not sure where I bought these lamp work beads, but probably on sale somewhere. I paired them up with some red and white tri beads on elastic. Nothing special but I like it and good for when I'm having a funky day!

That’s all from a tired Violet.




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