Monday, March 31, 2014

Growing So Fast

A tiny touch of spring was felt today – and it felt so good too! It was quite a bit warmer and no cold wind was blowing so I really enjoyed my walk today.

Instead of a card I thought I’d post a scrapbook layout today. These are some photos of my youngest grandson, Finn, who turns 4 in May. When he was born a few of us took one look at him and said, “He’s an old soul” and we were right. Last weekend he was in a discussion with his mother about something and she said to him “Listen Mr. Contrary” to which he replied, “I’m not contrary, you are!” Oh boy, and he’s not 4 yet! His mom works days, his dad afternoons so he spends the morning with his dad before going to their friend’s house who does day care for the rest of the afternoon. Last week it was quite nice one day so Finn and his dad kicked the soccer ball back and forth for an hour (Finn has played indoor soccer since he was 2 and loves it). So Ross says after an hour of soccer Finn looks up at him and says very seriously, “Okay that’s enough for now Dad. I need some quiet time.”  Quiet time? Really Finn! So funny that boy.

Here’s a layout of him as a baby.


He has my family’s big blue eyes! I had a few pictures from various months of him as a baby but not enough of any one event to make a layout so I combined three of them. Ignore the grey around the edge – that’s the porch or back step. There is another layout on the opposite page with the same colour scheme although a layout on its own. In fact, the colours from that page are what dictated the red here. It looks hot pink, but it’s red.

Ross loves being a dad and Janette caught a tender moment between Ross and Finn so I cut a red circle and placed the photo behind it with a cream coloured paper beside it to fill in the rest of the space. Then I did a zigzag stitch around it to anchor it to the page and then added the other two photos. I either have a white edge around photos like the bottom one or I ink the edges with a black pen like the top one. I punched out the two corner treatments and on the bottom one I poked holes around the edge using the Tim Holtz ruler. The label is Spellbinders and I stamped the Me & My Dad. The black letters really popped off the layout so I went with them for the main title. I decided it needed something else so I made the three flowers and added them under the top picture.

And that is all for a Monday. March did indeed come in like a lion, and left like a lamb. I hope the lamb sticks around in April but I have my doubts when I check out the long term forecast.




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