Monday, April 14, 2014

Rainy Days are Crafting Days

Lots of high wind and rain today so once again, I am grounded. Hubby just offered to go to the library for more books for me because it’s going to turn very cold again this week and I may not get out. They only hold them for so long. What a nice guy I married!

Yesterday I mentioned that I picked the first daffodils of the season from my garden. Here’s a hint about daffodils I forgot to mention. Do NOT put daffodils in a vase with other spring flowers, especially not with tulips. The daffodils secrete a poison that will kill the other flowers. If I want to combine other flowers with the daffodils I put daffodils in a separate vase that fits inside a larger vase that holds the rest of the flowers. That way the water from the daffodils cannot contaminate the other water.

Because I have not been feeling well what with the cold and the brain disorders acting up I haven’t felt very creative so I did a craft room clean-up and reorganizing. Finding the right way to store embellishments is my biggest problem. I’ve tried various methods and nothing seems to work perfectly. I have all my hard embellishments – like brads and jewels in craft containers sorted by colour. That works for me for them but it’s the paper embellishments that cause me headache. I’ll keep working on it. I did a YouTube search and there are lots of videos but the people have huge craft rooms with an obvious unlimited budget….not in my case! So, how do you store your paper embellishments??? Leave a comment and share your best kept secrets!

It hit my last night though that I have not made the Easter cards for my grandchildren so I did get started at them after supper. I’ll finish them today.

Today’s card was made from another older stamp. Lately I’ve been using the oldest stamps instead of the latest ones and enjoying the process.

Love this stamp. So darn cute! It was coloured with various inks that I spread out on a piece of plastic and just spread with a paint brush. Pretty easy layout so not much explanation required for this one. The rectangles were die cut with the Spellbinders’ Card Creator set using both A and B to get the 1/8” border.

Back to the lower studio (aka the basement) do get some cards made.



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jinxxxygirl said...

You are a wealth of information! i had no idea daffodils would do that! I MUST remember that. :)!!!

I wish i had something to offer in the paper storage department... but my paper shelf in my craftroom is a mess..... its a wonder i can find anything and i probably don't know half of what i have.... Really sad. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs! deb

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