Monday, May 26, 2014

Butterfly Cards

What a phenomenal three days we've had here in Ontario. I cannot remember the last time we had three wonderful, warm sunny days in a row. It was close to 90F today and it was lovely. We had such a bitter cold and long winter I refuse to complain about the heat - bring it on! Saturday we had our first bike ride of the season - 26.10 km. We started out saying we were going to keep it down to about 12 - 15km seeing as it was our first day out - never happened! Sunday was a BBQ and hikes at Point Pelee - about 6,000 steps on the pedometer. Today was buying and planting the garden - well some of it. Too much to do all in one day. I will admit that I'm a wee bit tired tonight! Thundershowers predicted for all day tomorrow so it should be a day of rest. I have some mixed media pieces started, scrapbooking to do and some cards to make and about 4 quilt project on the go. Too many projects, not enough time especially in the summer when I prefer to be outside!

Last summer this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly made a visit to my garden and I snapped this photo of it. I just had to turn it into some cards. First I added the sentiments in Photoshop. After they were printed I decided I liked the sentiments on the right side instead of the one on the left so I shall change that before I print off more.

Same photo, three different sentiments. My friends at the quilt guild loved these and I think they are all gone so I need to get more printed.



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