Monday, May 26, 2014

More Birds and a Raccoon

These are the photos of the birds we saw last weekend. Not many birds left to photograph now as most of the migratory birds have moved on. If you are here to see cards, just scroll down to the next post.

We love the little House Wren. He sang to us as we ate our lunch.

This young raccoon should have been sleeping but he was out by the picnic area instead.
It is against the law to feed the animals in the park but people still do and this is what happens.

Hundreds of Orioles around this year - beautiful.

Great family of Canada Geese

This is a Black Tern. First time we have ever seen one.

Another Black Tern.

I love how this pretty Barn Swallow posed for me.
Two posts in one day! To see the cards, scroll down to the next post.



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