Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Butterfly Thank You Card and a Garden Visitor

Tis a very hot day here in Ontario and I do believe it is brewing up a thunderstorm for tonight. Our barometer went back an inch since this morning. We’ve yet to turn the A/C on though as neither one of us enjoy it much until it becomes very humid which makes sleeping difficult.

We had a very nice visit this morning from a Northern Flicker. We don’t usually see them here in town but he was enjoying a breakfast of ants along our driveway about 8:00 this morning so I grabbed my camera and got a couple good shots of him while standing in the doorway. Flickers are part of the woodpecker family. You can see the dirt on his beak from poking it into the ground.

We quite often see Downy Woodpeckers at our peanut feeder all year long. It doesn‘t matter how full the feeder is, the Downy always hangs from the bottom to eat.

Today’s card is another one I made using one of my butterfly photos.

I liked this Swallowtail shot with the green in the background so I pulled some green paper from the stash, ran a black pen around some of them and the photos and fitted them together. There was no plan or reason, I just played with some bits and pieces until I liked the arrangement and then glued it all down. The sentiment is a sticker and then I added three green gems. Sometimes these are my favourite cards.

That’s all for a Wednesday!





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