Monday, July 7, 2014

Hurricane Arthur has Arrived

Hurricane Arthur has arrived in Ontario….well the remnants of it has. Some people in the lower United States are surprised that we get hurricanes here in Ontario but we do….tornadoes too. Whenever a hurricane hits the Atlantic coast, we get the tail end of it. Pouring rain and thunderstorms all day today and more expected tomorrow. We get much less than those who get hit first, but we are after all over 1,100 miles inland from the coast. It was pretty hot this morning and a good breeze blowing so we took a chance between storms and hung the towels out on the line and they dried just before another storm went through. Lucky! We hate using the drier in the summer unless we absolutely have to.

Today’s card was made using another Magnolia image.

Once again it was coloured with Prismacolor pencils. Ovals are from Spellbinder dies. The background was an interesting procedure. In a box of scraps, not sure if from the thrift store or the box my friend gifted me, was this piece of 6” patterned paper with the ribbon and rhinestones already on it. In the middle of the paper was a large and not very attractive, damaged butterfly so I ripped it off. Ooops it was stuck on with some very strong, almost Styrofoam type, dimensional adhesive and I couldn’t get it all off. Hmmm. What to do, what to do. I really didn’t want to waste this paper and ribbon. So I cut off the portion where the lumpy adhesive was and flipped the smaller piece around. Voila! This was double-sided paper so I just taped it together and cut it down to fit a smaller card. Once it was all assembled I added three hot pink gems along the side of the oval. I like the way the ribbon was attached but it looks like it was done with a punch, and I don’t have it. I’m glad I didn’t toss it out because I really like how it turned out. (I photographed it before I added the missing rhinestones at the bottom, sorry about that)

And that is all for a stormy Monday!


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jinxxxygirl said...

Love this card Violet! And love how you use every. little. piece. :)You always inspire me to be thrifty..even more thrifty than i usually am anyway.
Glad the storm wasn't too bad... We are up right around 100 today..sun, sun, sun... Staying in the air cond today...even the morning was kinda warm and muggy... Painted on my hubby's painting today... I refuse to cry 'uncle' on that thing... I will see it thru to the end...I almost have all the basket weave done if you remember the image.... Hugs! deb

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