Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Lotus Ponds

It’s been quite the weekend so far and it’s not over yet as tomorrow is a holiday in Ontario for most people…although we have nothing planned but to rest up! I don’t usually post on the weekend but I thought I’d make an exception this time. Saturday didn’t start out very well weather wise with about a 70% chance of rain. So, going for a bike ride was out. Joe and I both enjoy riding bikes, hiking and walking the trails through the bush during the summer but only on good days! So, we opted to go out for lunch and then head out to Erieau, a very small village right on Lake Erie, to walk through the Art in the Boulevard…same as Art in the Park but in Erieau there is a boulevard down the middle of the village that used to be a railroad and traffic is looped one way around the boulevard. We parked quite away from the start of the loop because it was so busy. There were 100 artists involved and all very, very different from each other – paintings, quilting, candles, woodwork, sculpting, and so much more. Beautiful works of art! Just as we got to about the second artist the rain started – but a light rain. We just sort of wandered from tent to tent so we didn’t get too wet. Do we own umbrellas – of course we do. Did we take them, of course not! For some odd reason we both hate umbrellas and never use them. The rain was just a drizzle so we didn’t get very wet. After we saw all the art work we headed over to Rondeau Provincial Park which is only about 15 – 20 minutes away and the rain stopped long enough for us to get yet another walk in through the bush and a visit at the visitor centre with some friends. We were going to head for home then but we decided to make one last stop.

A man by the name of Keith Mclean owned property right before you get to Rondeau Park. He had no children and when he died, at age 90, he left his property to the Conservation Authority for it to be enjoyed by the public – which was just opened to the public this past May. We didn’t know it was open until last week when a friend of ours emailed me about the lotus ponds which are in full bloom right now. So we thought we would make a quick stop in. Well, talk about a beautiful, quiet and peaceful spot. We didn’t want to leave and we wandered around and around and of course, I took a few photos. When we finally got home I downloaded the pictures and did a collage using IPiccy which I had never used before. Here are two collages from there. I haven't printed these yet - printer is still broken - and I may redo these and rearrange them but for now it will give you an idea of this beautiful place. Double click to enlarge.

Have you used IPiccy or any other on-line collage program? If so, leave a comment in case others are looking for a reliable on-line photo program. I also checked out Fotor and Muzy but their collages are almost identical to IPiccy.

That’s all for Sunday



Granmargaret said...

Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing

jinxxxygirl said...

Look at you and hubby! How lovely! Gosh you know i think i love the lotus seed pods as much as the flower. LOL! Hugs! deb

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