Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Leftover Baby Card

We had a lovely day today! The weather was perfect, more like an August summer day instead of September, which was nice so we opted to go to Port Stanley to see another play. It was hilarious! We loved it. Lunch was at the restaurant right across the street from the playhouse and after the play we stopped for ice cream. I think about half the audience from the play stopped at the same ice cream store. They make the ice cream on the premises and it is delicious!

This will be a short post because quite honestly, I’m bushed. I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I’m a bit tired today. There may not be a post tomorrow because it is the annual trip to the ophthalmologist and after he puts those drops in my eyes I am pretty much blinded by any amount of light at all for hours. Joe thinks it’s hilarious when he sees my eyes because they are just one big pupil.

But I do have a card for today. This card was made up from left over bits of paper and cardstock. Don’t throw out your leftovers people. Use them up instead.

The background paper and the green with stars is from two different paper sources. The blue “C” was from another. The yellow with congratulations and the tag from another set and the cute baby eyelets were from the dollar store I think. I think this is a very cute card and no one would guess it was not from a paper set.

That’s it for tonight,


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